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. that is later in the grapevine. up next, the rocky road to peace in syria. >> shannon: in world headlines the trial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak resumed in cairo. the 83-year-old mubarak was taken to courthouse in ambulance. he is charged with complicity in killing 800 protesters earlier in year and could face the death penalty if convicted. >>> a brawl erupted at churches of nativity at the west bank. happened as orthodox monks were cleaning the facility. palestinian police broke it up. similar fights have taken place at the church in the past. >>> iranian exiles in iraq accepted a deal to move 400 residents to camp liberty by the end of the year. state department spokesman says no decision has been made rather to remove the group on the list of the terrorist organization. they fired a block at exile today. no casualties were reported. the state department is urging syria to provide access to arab league monitors. leland vittert reports on the effort to end the government crackdown on dissent. >> gunfire and arrest tillly barrages -- artillery barrages to take cover on the
. that is later in the grapevine. up next, the rocky road to peace in syria. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. for many, nexium helps. relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. >> shannon: in world headlines the trial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak resumed in cairo. the 83-year-old mubarak was taken to courthouse in ambulance. he is charged with complicity in killing 800 protesters earlier in year and could face the death penalty if convicted. >>> a brawl erupted at churches of nativity at the west bank. happened as orthodox monks were cleaning the facility. palestinian police broke it up. similar fights have taken place at the church in the past. >>> iranian exiles in iraq accepted a deal
fight against the government in syria >> chris: a federal appeals court ruled law branding telecommunication company immunity for helping the government with e-mail and telephone eavesdropping is legal. the decision affirms a lower court ruling that the foreign surveillance act known as fisa is constitutional. checking world headlines now, senior official in turkey says it appears an airstrike targeting kurdish rebels in iraq killed the cigarette smugglers instead. the 35 victims are all said to be under 30 years of age. and from an extended family. protesters upset over the bombing clash with police in istanbul. officers use tear gas and water cannons to disburse the crowd. egyptian soldiers and police reportedly raided non-governmentalic u.s. based ge among those targeted. they were interrogated and computer files were searched. presence of arab league monitors have not stopped the killing in syria. activists say 26 more people were killed today. tonight, correspondent virtus looks at what is changing -- sport leland vittert looks at what is changing and what isn't in syr
-third of the world's oil tanker traffic goes through the strait. iranian ally syria says more than 2,000 of the security forces have died in the past nine months. syria blames political turmoil on a foreign conspiracy aimed at toppaling the regime with president bashar assad. this is amateur video that shows the city of homs after government shelling in that area. arab league observers arrive in damascus, the question of what iran is doing to aid syria has become a pressing one. correspondent leland vittert has details. >> syria's powerful air force and army are among the most well-equipped in the middle east. with the russian fighter jet, attack helicopters and tanks, president bashar assad has threatened to use them all against his own people to stay in power. fox news learned that iran and the revolutionary guard are going to great lengths to help assad. that doesn't surprise the israeli minister for strategic affairs. >> syria is part of what is called axis of evil. >> as they reference the ammunition supplies in the eight-month massacre of the pro-democracy demonstrators, wester
world. >> asked about the noncommittal staff on the clash of syria. some see it as a sign of iraq alignment with iran that backs ally syria. both admit iraq was in a tough neighborhood. >> realize danger of sectarian war in iraq and syria. >> iraq, itself, the situation is not so tidy. >> the u.s. troops might be leaving iraq but problems remain. a couple of weeks ago, wall pros texting this market in the center of baghdad were taken down. a few days later, there were three bomb attacks leaving dead and injured. >> it's important to recognize iraq remains a dangerous place. all the threats are not gone. >> baghdad residents are targeted by a diminish and deadly al-qaeda network and militia groups said to be backed by iran. iran's influence in iraq as the u.s. leave is one of many worries here. many are angered but the muslim -- by muslim leaders strong-willed way. this kurd is diplomatic. >> the ruling class. in the community cannot be by a single leader. the political consensus now is important. >> for consensus on the baghdad street. the security concerns and economic worries ab
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. >>> there was another huge outpouring of antigovernment sentiment today in syria. correspondent leland vittert reports as usual some of the dissidents paid the ultimate price. >> in duma, they chanted. the syrian army are traders. in homs, "our martyrs are heroes." here hama -- [ chanting ] "bashear, the people want your excuse." in largest rally for months opposition group say hundreds of thousands of antigovernment protesters took to the street. demanding the end of president saleh's regime. it would also be among the months claiming the live of dozen of protesters. countless others were wounded. like this man in damascus. shot through the shoulder and carried on. he is among the lucky one. others have to wait till friends drag them to safety. the camera man offering a troubling and clear prayer. "god is great," he said. another camera man capturing the army relentless assault on unarmed protesters asked, "where are the arab league monitors ?" the monitors, themselves had to take cover from incoming fire. they reportedly told crowds they will not help them kick out assad. now protesters are begging.
to -- move on to syria so we'll have time for new year's resolution. the syrian government just keeps killing protesters. >> let's be really clear about what is happening here. this is a massacre. in fact, it's been a massacre for a long time now. it's going on right in front of the entire international community. i want to just remind everybody what this government said about libya, how we weren't going to stand by to let dictator who lost legitimacy master chemo. that is what is happening now. charles? >> generally a delegation like this helps the regime because it provides respite and cover to the exact opposite effect, demonstrators are out in force. i think it's accelerating the pace of the revolution. >> i think that is true what charles said. it has. a huge crowd of bigger than ever it turned out protest crowds in syria. my question is where is president obama? it is a masser there. they threatened and tried to assault the american ambassador there who left for a while and now is back there. i think effectively muzzled. i'm afraid president obama still thinks he can get arms talks with
month. activists in syria say security forces killed at least nine people today, including two children. this is said to be video from the city of homs thursday that purports to show a government tank fires in a residential area. the family of a retired f.b.i. agent is begging for his release, in another of long line of issues between the republic and u.s. correspondent jennifer griffin looks at whether we are already at war with iran. >> the capture of a downed u.s. sentinel drone reveals that the u.s. was flying spy missions from air base in afghanistan, actively gathering information over iran. the latest in a series of mysterious events including explosions and assassinations. targeting iran nuclear scientists. some argue the covert war against the nuclear program is underway. it began more than a year ago. first, a cyber attack on natan, 1,000 centrifuges destroyed by the network. then, a dozen mysterious explosions at the home of iran's nuclear scientist. the head of iran atomic energy organization wounded by a car bomb. explosion at a secret missile base and head of a long range
to the mediterranean through its ally syria. with all due respect to ron paul, i think i have never heard a more dangerous answer for american security than the one that we just heard from ron paul. i'll tell you the reason why. the reason why i would say that is because we know without a shadow of a doubt that iran will take a nuclear weapon, they will use it to wipe our ally israel off the face of the map. and they stated they will use it against the united states of america. look no further than the iranian constitution, which states unequivocally that their mission is to extend jihad across the world and eventually to set up for worldwide calworldwide caliphat. we would be fools to ignore their purpose and their plan. >> bret: congressman paul? >> obviously, i would like to see a lot less nuclear weapons. i don't want iran to have a nuclear weapon. i would like to reduce them because there would be less chance of war. but to declare war on 1.2 billion muslims and say all muslims are the same, this is dangerous talk. yeah, there are some radicals. but they don't come here to kill us because w
across syria friday. one person was reportedly killed in homs. the syrian army sent reinforcements to the southern part of the country, where defectors were launching deadly attacks on troops. at home, army officer hearing at the center of the wikileaks scandal. as the chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge explains the questions today focus more on another individual in the courtroom. >> thank you. tu burr ban washington, d.c., private bradley manning in uniform spoke calmly and softly at the article 32 hearing, the equivalent of a civilian grand jury where the investigating officer will decide if there is evidence for court-martial. manning is accused of downloading thousands of classified documents employed in iraq. if convicted of the charges, he could face life in prison. in an extraordinary move they asked the investigating officer to recuse himself of the case. when he is not wearing his uniform, he is in the department of justice. the justice department is to bring charges against the founder of wikileaks julian assange who leaked several cables allegedly downl
criticizing syria's crackdown on decent. four people were reported killed in violence today, including an 11-year-old syrian girl struck by a stray bullet across the border in lebanon. iranian diplomats left london a few hours ago. earlier they were busy packing after being ordered out by a british government. that was in retaliation for tuesday's mob attack on the british embassy in tehran. two female political leaders displayed sisterly solidarity today in burma. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is traveling with secretary of state hillary clinton. >> she greeted secretary of state clinton at the home that was her prison for most of the past 20 years. after an hour of talks, burma's most popular opposition leader remembered the thousands still imprison for their believes. >> two weeks ago they denied there were any political prisoners. on this day, mrs. clinton spoke of her host with phrase. >> we told the dream that you have so long represented to many of us around the world. >> the two women seemed general lin wi close and u.s. officials say she asked mrs. c
. >>> there is now a inuringle in the 9-month-old political uprising in syria. sophisticated attack today on government buildings is not blamed on the pro-democracy protesters who oppose president bashar assad's regime. correspondent leland vittert has the details. >> reporter: today's twin car bombs reduce intelligence agency to rubble. debris littered the street of upscale damascus neighborhood while rescue workers cleared dozens of bodies. they reported dozens killed in the al-qaeda where the government blamed al-qaeda. blast came in hours of the arrival of the arab league observers sent to monitor the government promise to stop the brutal military crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. since march, nearly 5,000 people have reportedly been killed. many in alleged government massacres. syrian army defectors formed a loosely associated rebel force to fight assad's soldiers. so far, they have appeared ill-equipped and poorly trained in videos uploaded to youtube. if the syrian resistance is behind the attack, it shows that assad is much more vulnerable than anybody predicted. the attack a
in a concrete foundation. the administration is commending the turkish government for tough sanctions on syria today in response to the government's crackdown on dissent. this is amateur video purporting to show the security forces firing on civilians in a town near the turkish border. >> labor unions say 2 million people join a one-day strike in great britain today. prime minister david cameron disagreed calling it a damp squibb. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is in london to show us what happened. >> there were massive strikes across the u.c. state. changes the pension plan. public sector employee from the hospital workers immigration officers to the union of head teachers by the way struck today for the first time. state the biggest public walk-out in a generation. >> it's not very good. we're going to have to work much, much longer to get the same amount. >> in places it became unruly. they broke in the place that they claim has britain's highest paid ceo. in parliament today, tempers flared. the government said strikes are not helpful and accused the opposition labor par
square. at least three people were killed today, pushing the death toll over four days to 14. syria today signed an arab league initiative that will allow observers in the country as part of an effort to end president bashar assad's violent nine-month crackdown on prodemocracy protests there. they say by signing the document, the regime stands to gain more time to possibly avert wider international involve in the the crisis. authorities in the philippines organized the first mass burial after 950 people died over the weekend in flooding spawned from a tropical storm. philippine red cross estimates another 800 people are still missing. nearly 150,000 people are said to be affected by the disaste disaster. he was a dissident play write, the czech president and voice for eastern european freedom. chief washington correspondent james rosen remembers vaclav havel. >> when "the velvet revolution" peacefully evicted the soviet union from reality ry czechoslovakia. only one man could lead the new free state. vaclav havel who spent years in communist jails, it was reversal of fortune to rival that
in the middle east. >> in world headlines, arab league monitors are scheduled to arrive later tonight in syria where at least 20 more deaths were reported today. activists say at least 275 civilians have been killed by government forces in the last week. >>> the obama administration is considering whether to allow yemen's outgoing president to come to the u.s. for medical treatment. he was injured in an attack on his compound in june. the last month he agreed to hand over power to his vice president in exchange for immunity. >>> iran says it wander off a foreign helicopter that came too close to naval drills over the weekend. war games are anything but fun and games for saudi arabia. correspondent david miller tells us leaders are very worried about the islamic republic. >> iranian war games underway the straight of hormuz are fueling tensions. the saber rattling could lead to a nuclear arms race. saudi arabia's u.s. ambassador warned earlier this month that the kingdom might pursue nuclear weapons to protect itself from longtime adversaries iran and israel, yet it's iran's push for a nuclear
the assad regime in syria is the equivalent of a dead man walking. canada today urged the citizens to leave immediately before arab league sanctions cut airline flights there in half. this is amateur video from dera province. the activists say the army defectors killed at least 27 soldiers there today. >>> russian prime minister vladimir putin is in a twitter war with senator john mccai mccain. the arizona senator tweeted putin about the party re-election losses and putin harshly returned to mccain's military service and implied he went crazy as a prisoner of war in vietnam. >>> different kind of war. the real one came to an official conclusion today in iraq. national security correspondent jennifer griffin was there for the answer. >> the iraq war ended with a simple ceremony at the baghdad airport. ♪ ♪ >> the iraqi president and prime minister had been invited but did not show up. the defense secretary officially ended the military mission. >> to be sure the cost was high. the blood and treasure of the united states and also for the iraqi people. but those lies have not been lost in v
Search Results 0 to 46 of about 47 (some duplicates have been removed)